Beech Acres Parenting Center

Beech Acres Parenting Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, was founded in 1849 as an orphanage after a catastrophic cholera epidemic. Its core purpose has not changed in 165 years—raising children to become capable, caring, contributing adults.  But how it achieves that purpose has evolved from residential care to strengthening the parent-child relationship by bringing out the best in parents and their families.  Beech Acres serves over 23,500 people annually in five counties around Greater Cincinnati. We provide programs and resources in four core areas: mental and behavioral health, parent education and support, foster care and family reunification, and building strong marriages and relationships.

Beech Acres will implement Toyota Family Learning in three schools which together serve 3,900 students and their parents.  More than 90% of these families are low-income.  In one school, the Academy of World Languages, 50% of students are international refugees, many of whom have suffered trauma in their home countries. Their parents often have a limited command of English and substantial challenges acculturating and integrating into American schools.  The Toyota Family Learning model shows immense promise in carrying out Beech Acres’ mission, vision, values, and strategy with these and other vulnerable families. 

The mission of Beech Acres Parenting Center is to inspire and equip today’s parents, families, and communities to raise capable, caring, contributing children. Our vision is to promote four interconnected, mutually supportive outcomes: intentional parenting, nurturing environments, confident children, and flourishing families and communities.  


6881 Beechmont Ave
OH 45230
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